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What Your Birth Month Flowers Reveals About Your Personality

You may be familiar with the concept of birthstones reflecting traits of your birth month, but did you know there’s also a corresponding birth month flowers that can unveil aspects of your personality?

To delve into this further, we consulted spirituality experts to unveil the insights your bloom can provide. Continue reading to discover whether you possess the sweetness of a daisy, the intensity of a deep-purple violet, or the romance of a rose.

January: Carnation

Maria Hayes, astrologer and founder of Trusted Astrology, notes, ‘Similar to the enduring nature of carnations, individuals born in January demonstrate fortitude and endurance in the face of challenges. The delicate beauty of carnations reflects their hope-filled outlook and their ability to find joy in the simplest of moments.’

Tara Bennet, astrologer, and spiritual coach at Mediumchat, highlights that this flower is available in various colors, each conveying something distinct: ‘White signifies purity and affection, red symbolizes passionate love, while pink conveys encouragement.

February: Violet

February birthdays, much like the deep purple hues of the violet, are intimately tied to the realm of knowledge, showcasing a profound connection with intuition,” expresses Astrid Bly, a thoroughly vetted advisor affiliated with California Psychics.

In addition to embodying the essence of knowledge, the violet, as a birth flower, signifies modesty. Bennet emphasizes that individuals associated with violets as their birth flower are characterized by purity and sweetness, actively striving to contribute positively to the world. “Their essence is rooted in goodness,” she affirms.

March: Daffodil

March birthdays are like daffodils – resilient and symbolizing new beginnings and growth. Lizzie Burgess, a tarot reader and astrologer at Backyard Banshee, suggests that if you were born in March, you likely resonate with the idea that chasing the sun brings joy after a long winter.

According to Bennet, people with daffodils as their birth month flower are always positive and face life with a strong determination. “They’re like cheerful flowers, spreading love and sunshine,”

April: Daisy

The daisy, symbolizing purity, reflects a perpetual, childlike playfulness in individuals born in April. According to Bly, the daisy, sometimes referred to as ‘the day’s eye,’ mirrors the lively spirit of April-born individuals. Similar to how a daisy closes at sunset and opens again at sunrise, those born in April eagerly embrace each day’s adventures with youthful hearts.

May: Lily of the Valley

The charming Lily of the Valley boasts fragile flowers yet possesses robust, deep roots, symbolizing the dual nature of individuals born in May – both sweet and strong.

Hayes points out, “Naturally, the Lily of the Valley represents the ability to bounce back and find beauty in the face of challenges. These characteristics create a wonderful blend of elegance and strength in those born in May.

June: Rose

Individuals born in June are believed to possess a romantic spirit. Hayes notes, “Similar to the well-known symbolism of the rose, those with June birthdays are commonly linked with qualities like love, passion, fidelity, and friendship.”

Bly further observes that these individuals “are often caught daydreaming, flirting, or just taking in the beauty of the world,” making it effortless for them to build new connections and friendships.

July: Larkspur

Larkspurs are all about optimism. They grow upwards towards the sky, sometimes reaching up to three feet in height.

“Those born in July have positivity in the bucket loads and are open to new ideas and opportunities,” says Bennet. Their upbeat spirit can get anyone out of a bad mood.

August: Gladiolus

The Gladiolus, often called the Sword Lily, represents integrity and power. According to Bennet, this flower stands proudly, reaching impressive heights.

“Individuals born with the Gladiolus as their birth flower demonstrate unparalleled perseverance and strength of character,” she remarks. These individuals often set ambitious goals for themselves but remain unwavering in their commitment to maintaining their morals while striving to achieve them.

September: Aster

Bennet shares that the Aster is part of the daisy family and gets its name from the Greek word for star. “Much like the stars, those born with Aster as their birth flower will sparkle,” says Bennet.

“They’re courageous, facing problems head-on,” she adds. “Incredibly loyal, they’re the rock of a family and the shoulder 

October: Marigold

The Marigold, a resilient flower adorned with beautiful gold and yellow hues, captures the essence of October. According to Hayes, marigolds symbolize the passion and organized creativity commonly associated with individuals born in this month.

Bennet contributes, stating that Marigolds also signify stubbornness and tenacity, qualities that individuals with this birth month flower often display depending on the challenges they encounter.

November: Chrysanthemum

According to Hayes, November, a month synonymous with reflection, aligns with its birth month flower, the chrysanthemum, symbolizing qualities such as sobriety, patience, and solemnity.

Individuals born in November are described as perpetual optimists, diligently working towards their goals. Hayes notes, “Their enduring nature reflects the symbolic connection of the flower to longevity and resilience.”

December: Narcissus

Closing out the year, Narcissus blooms in December, serving as the ultimate symbol of hope, as highlighted by Bennet. She mentions, “Individuals born under Narcissus are inherently spiritual.”

While this flower is delicate and not well-suited for the harshness of winter, Bennet notes that, akin to the Narcissus, those born in December possess the ability to “see light even in the darkest of times.”

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