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The US dollar ranks last in the world’s ten strongest world currencies.

According to a list released by the American business magazine Forbes, the US dollar is the tenth strongest world currencies.

The strongest currency on this Forbes list is the Kuwaiti dinar and one Kuwaiti dinar is equal to 3.25 dollars. The second number is the Bahraini dinar, which is equivalent to $2.65.

In third place is the Omani Rial and one Omani Rial is worth $2.60. The fourth number is Jordanian Dinar and it is equal to 1.141.

Fifth on the list is the Gibraltar pound at $1.27.

The sixth place is the British pound and one pound is equal to 1.27 dollars. The seventh number is the Cayman Islands dollar, which is equivalent to $1.20.

The eighth place is the Swiss franc, which is equivalent to $1.17, while the ninth place is the euro, which is equivalent to $1.09.

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