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Samsung Galaxy Book4 Edge: Pricing Performance and Specifications

Based on the Geekbench scores below the Samsung Galaxy Book Edge and Snapdragon X Elite get much closer to the performance numbers that Qualcomm demonstrated at last year’s Snapdragon Summit than previous leaks showed. As a results, the Snapdragon X Elite and Samsung Galaxy Book4 Edge outscore the Apple M3 in multi-core work, albeit with 50% more CPU. However, the Snapdragon X Elite is no match for the more comparable 12-core Apple M3 Pro in this regard and falls short of both current generations of Apple SoCs in Geekbench single-core benchmarks.

Reportedly, Samsung will complement the Snapdragon X Elite with 16 GB of RAM and 512 of storage, matching the startling memory configuration in which the Galaxy Book4 Pro and Galaxy Book4 Pro 360 is available. In a similar vein, the Galaxy Book4 Edge is rumoured to feature a 14-inch display, likely the same 2.8k 120Hz and 16:10 AMOLED panel that Samsung uses in the smallest Galaxy Book4 Pro (currently $1,449.99 on Amazon). According to Roland Quandt, the Galaxy Book4 Pro Edge will start at between €1,700 and €1,800. While that price range would make the Snapdragon X Elite-powered device more expensive than a base MacBook Air 13 and MacBook Air 15, the opposite is true when configuring either of Apple’s machines with 16GB of RAM and 512 GB of storage. Likewise, the MacBook Pro 14 starts at €1,999 but with 8GB of RAM instead of 16GB in the Samsung Galaxy Book4 Edge’s case.

Samsung Galaxy Book4 Edge

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