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NASA Satellite Images Reveal Dramatic Before and After Views of Dubai and Abu Dhabi Following Record Floods

NASA Releases Dramatic Before-and-After Photos of UAE Floods Following record-breaking rainfall in the United Arab Emirates last week, NASA has released striking satellite images of Dubai and Abu Dhabi, revealing the extent of the devastating floods that paralyzed the country. The images, captured by NASA’s Earth Observatory on Friday using Landsat data, show vast swaths of water transforming the desert and urban landscape, creating temporary lakes where none existed before.

NASA Earth Observatory

NASA Satellite Images Reveal Devastating Floods in Dubai NASA has released two striking satellite images of Dubai, taken by Landsat 9 on April 3 and April 19, showcasing the dramatic impact of record-breaking rainfall on the emirate. The second image, captured with the Operational Land Imager 2 (OLI-2), reveals extensive flooding in various parts of Dubai, with water appearing blue in false color. The deluge, which dumped up to 10 inches of rain in less than 24 hours, caused widespread destruction, closing schools and businesses, grounding flights, and destroying properties. Daily life was thrown into chaos as many residents lost power and running water, with some trapped in their homes, airports, or other locations. The UAE typically receives only 5.5 to 8 inches of rainfall per year, and the lack of drainage infrastructure and paved urban spaces exacerbated the flooding. Cleanup efforts are ongoing, but numerous challenges persist, particularly in areas with severely damaged infrastructure, where many residents still lack access to running water and electricity.

Apartment Building at Risk of Collapse After Flood Damage A multi-story apartment building near the Dubai-Sharjah border has been fully evacuated after sustaining structural damage from the recent storms, leaving it cracked and tilted. Authorities took prompt action to ensure the safety of residents, as the building is now in danger of collapsing. In a bid to support those affected by the floods, the UAE’s central bank has issued a directive to local banks and insurance companies, allowing for six-month loan repayment deferrals. This measure aims to provide relief to flood-hit residents and businesses, helping them recover from the devastating impact of the storms.

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